COMMITMENTto sustainable development

Bio-Bon Inc. is a food processor that promotes local purchasing, organic farming, and respect for producers, business networking and sustainable development. We promise you products made from healthy, quality ingredients, rigorous production methods and a generous homemade flavour.

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Earth in heart

For the love
of the world

The "world" means both the land and the people who inhabit it. Our company constantly strives to offer a product of the best quality while reducing its environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainable development

“For me, the important thing is to always move forward
and constantly improving."

“Every day, we strive to take positive, sustainable development actions that can make all the difference every day, every month, every year. We are driven by the same desire to ensure that Bio-Bon Inc. always looks to the future and is one of those companies that are bringing real, positive change to our environment and the well-being of the world. Since 2014, we have had structured sustainable development action plans. We work in collaboration with ADDERE the organization that helps us to establish these very structured action plans, which include very specific objectives. In December 2016, we received our COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT certification : «On s’engage en développement durable». To renew this certificate, we must apply with evidence demonstrating the objectives achieved for each action plan determined from one time to the next.
In order to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves, we are proud to put these undertakings into practice every day. It is a personal desire as well as a corporate conviction that are important to us."

Pasquale Beauvais,
Founding President and Co-owner - Bio-Bon Inc.

“Balance is essential in sustainable development."

With the various sustainable development activities that we carry out, we try to establish a balance between the three spheres: the economic sphere where we are committed to ensuring the company's healthy sustainability, the environmental sphere where we apply ourselves to respecting and caring for our planet and the social sphere where we pay considerate attention to the people we meet and with whom we work so that everyone can flourish in harmony. Encouraging the development of an approach of listening, respect and self-esteem, of co-workers and of all the individuals in the food chain: producers, suppliers, delivery drivers, distributors and, of course, consumers. This approach of respect also extends to nature, our environment and the planet. And to find this balance, it is necessary to faithfully follow sustainable development action plans every year with objectives to be achieved.

Lahbib Aissaoui,
Co-owner, financial director - Bio-Bon inc.

A few concrete actions taken
at Bio-Bon Inc.

  • Making an inventory of direct emissions in order to offset greenhouse gases
    • in litres of diesel for the truck and in litres of gasoline for the car
    • in cubic meters of natural gas for the baking ovens
    • in kWh of electricity.
  • Establishing a directive for welcoming new employees
  • Increasing local sourcing for certain ingredients
  • Improving the health and safety of workers by mechanizing operations liable to lead to long-term injuries, as well as by putting devices in place to measure indoor air quality
  • Maintaining the continuous improvement of work ergonomics in order to reduce health and safety risks. Getting a forklift
  • Installing an air exchanger in December 2016
  • Installing a 2nd air exchanger in March 2020
  • Replacing Styrofoam boxes with completely recyclable NorthBox boxes.
  • Visiting the sorting centre and training the work team on the good management of residual materials
  • Providing employees with an information document on good fuel-efficient driving
  • Organizing training on stress and change management with employees


For health and the environment

Bio-Bon Inc., certified 77 % organic by Ecocert Canada

People are increasingly aware of the efforts made by companies who value “the quality of the environment”. Organic crops protect and respect the environment, the health of workers and farmers as well as the health of the planet. Opting for organic remains a free environmental choice for everyone. Bio-Bon Inc. made that choice. The standards for organic crops are strict and closely monitored. This type of crop excludes all chemical pesticides and fungicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, GMOs, polymers, and their production methods ensure soil vitality and fertility.

For Bio-Bon Inc., Organic goes without saying!

Our commitment to organic

“Our mission is to feed people!
To feed people well! "

" If you want to feed people well, feed the world well, we must do so while respecting the environment, our community, the planet… It goes without saying, it cannot be otherwise. When we choose organic, we must also respect and comply with Ecocert Canada specifications that are rigorous, but we decide to do it for our own good, for the good of the people and of our Earth. We are very sensitive to this need and we always want to support it. "

Pasquale Beauvais,
Founding President and Co-owner - Bio-Bon Inc.

“When we say organic, we say healthy! "

" Organic is very important to us in order to help improve the environmental situation. Organic farming evolves with respect for the environment. It avoids pesticides and chemical fertilizers and advocates great respect for the land so that it produces adequately and fairly. At Bio-Bon Inc., our mission is to feed the world with healthy products. "

Lahbib Aissaoui,
Co-owner, financial director - Bio-Bon inc.