Can veggie pâté be frozen?

It is best not to freeze veggie pâté. As our veggie pâté is made from vegetables, once thawed, it produces a lot of water. This changes the texture and it will crumble. It becomes wet and this reduces its shelf life. The colour changes, it becomes pale and less appetizing. On the other hand, if you have veggie pâté and you don’t want to waste it, check out the recipe ideas on our website!

How long do veggie pâtés keep after the packaging is opened?

After the packaging has been opened, our veggie pâtés will keep for 5 days at temperatures between 1 and 4 degrees celsius.

I am allergic to peanuts and nuts; can i eat veggie pâté?

In our factory, we do not manufacture any products that contain peanuts or nuts. Our veggie pâtés have no direct or indirect contact with and contain no trace of peanuts or nuts.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We use airtight packaging made of food grade plastic #7. This packaging allows us to preserve our veggie pâté for over 75 days without having to add preservatives. Once opened, the veggie pâté will keep from 5 to 7 days, no more. The packaging is recyclable if you wash it and if your recycling program includes plastic #7.

Are your gluten-free veggie pâtés really gluten-free?

Since we produce traditional as well as gluten-free veggie pâté, we assure you that through our sanitation and thorough cleaning procedures we eliminate all traces of gluten before any gluten-free production. We have all the detailed records to prove that there is no cross-contamination. Moreover, all of our gluten-free production without exception is accurately tested to detect gluten at 10 ppm before leaving our factory and being sold. Health canada considers that to the extent that good manufacturing practices are adhered to, a claim suggesting that a food is gluten-free, while its gluten concentration from cross-contamination is no more than 20 ppm, would not pose a risk to people with celiac disease and would respect the spirit of section b.24.018 of the food and drug regulation. This position would be consistent with the availability of validated methods and their limitations described above, as well as with the international approach.

Are your veggie pâtés vegetarian or vegan?

All of our veggie pâtés are vegan because they do not contain any products derived from an animal or insect.

It is necessary to understand the difference between the words vegetarian and vegan, words that are too often confused. Vegetarians don’t consume animal products. Vegans are vegetarians, but the term “vegan” means people who adopt a lifestyle that excludes anything that may come from an animal, such as leather or wool clothing. Veganism or integral vegetarianism defines a way of life and not a qualifier for food without animal products. Therefore, a product cannot be described as “vegan” but simply “vegetarian”.

What allergens are found in your veggie pâtés?

The only allergen found in our gluten-free veggie pâté is soy. Our traditional veggie pâtés contain soy, gluten, wheat and triticale.


You can eat our veggie pâté without cooking it, it is already cooked! You can also cook it like ground meat or simply reheat it if you want to eat it hot.